Management of Pain often needs a combination of Medications, Interventions & Collaboration with other treating physicians.


1. Headache

  • Dr Shetty has experience in managing complex headache related conditions such as Migraine, Trigeminal Neuralgia & Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. We specialize in non-invasive treatment (External Neuromodulation).

2. Pelvic pain

  • Dr Shetty works at the largest Pelvic Pain Management Center in United Kingdom and is an expert in managing complex pelvic conditions. He has set up the Abdomino – Pelvic Pain Symposium to train specialists in managing pelvic pain. He has proctored Physicians in Europe to use Neuromodulation in managing pelvic pain.

3. Back Pain

  • Majority of patients with back pain can be managed conservatively. An appropriate diagnostic workup & therapeutic service is provided where required. Dr Shetty is an expert in Pain procedures for back pain. He has successfully managed complex pain conditions with Racz Epidurolysis & Spinal cord stimulation therapy.

4. Neuromodulation

  • Dr Shetty is one of the few experts in the world who specialise in providing various forms of neuromodulation therapy including noninvasive external neuromodulation, peripheral neuromodulation and spinal cord stimulation therapy.


1. Medication

  • We will help you rationalize your medications

2. Interventions

  • To manage the pain symptoms
  • Dr Shetty specializes in advanced pain interventions
  • He continues to be faculty on workshops where he proctors other pain physicians from around the world to perform complex interventions.

3. Interdisciplinary Treatment

  •  Your condition will be managed in collaboration with your treating Physicians & Physiotherapists


Insured patients should contact their insurer directly.

The cost of the initial consultation is £275.

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full cost of the appointment. Please note that this appointment and the fee paid does not include any treatment and/or investigations.

Follow up appointment fee is £150.

The fee for complex clinic consultations £ 300 -£500.

Fee for Medicolegal report is £300/hr.